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how YOU doin'?
tentacle cute baby baby swish
hey you guys remember when I used livejournal


There's still not another social network that FULFILLS me like LJ, all right.

So much shit has happened to me in the past year alone that I'm not even going to pretend to address it. I'm here because I'm wondering who's still active here, and because I am fangasming over Hannibal TV all over again. It feels so good to be so excited. Also, I finished my third book. Word.




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I am doing well! How's the great Dreamwidth migration going? Is it maybe still worth switching over?

I hope you are also doing well! And also for like the first time ever we got our dragon con rooms not at the last minute, so yeeaaah that's cool.

Hello! :D
Still lurking around here! I kind of disappeared for a while as my life spiralled into a whole new level of terribleness, and by the time I came back everyone seemed to have quit LJ! D: And now I'm sort of shamefully lurking around wondering if I should try catching up on all the messages/emails/replies I owe people, or if it's all too embarrassingly long ago. Like the Winter Wolf review I still haven't written for Amazon. Eek! I loved it so much, but I have so far failed to write any kind of coherent review - oh wow, you've written the third book?! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!! :D :D :D Or is it not part of the series? Whatever, I am super excited regardless!!!!!

But - hi! How are you, anyway? I am fangasming over Bucky Barnes and the Marvel Universe in general at the moment, but I haven't written any stories in ages, seem to have lost the knack. :( Actually, I think that's back to the demise of LJ too - I don't really personally interact with people in fandom much now, I just lurk on A03 - so there's less incentive to write, I guess? I don't know.

But yeah, back to the demise of LJ - nothing else seems quite the same. On tumblr, any personal stuff anyone writes gets lost amongst all the cat gifs (not that I'm complaining about the cat gifs) and... well, actually I don't know where everyone else has gone, apart from tumblr. I extremely reluctantly joined facebook but I don't like it. And... I am told instagram is the new thing, maybe? I have no idea. *yells at kids to get off my lawn*

Heh, so that's my giant LJ whinge. :) But I hope you are well and having a good 2015 (2014 seemed to be crap for SO MANY PEOPLE, what was with that year), and I can't wait for your new book, OMG! When is it out???

I am so sorry things were terrible for a while there! Are you better? I hope you are better. And I am so here to discuss anything terrible or not terrible if you want. <3 <3

At this point I think it's okay for all of us to not respond to shit and give up on all the shamefully accumulated stuff. The shame doesn't help us catch up! Let us look to THE FUTURE! but seriously I feel you, which is why I give myself this exact pep talk.

And yes! The third book is in the same series/probably the last full length novel of the series for a while. You totally left me a Winter Wolf review! And I am sure it has netted me MANY sales! Or do you mean that you didn't leave me a review for the second one? Regardless, you are grrreeeat and lovely and don't feel bad or like you have to catch up on that. I am actually very proud of the third book--like it's way too long and I'm sure I did many things wrong, but I hit JUST the emotional notes I wanted with the villain, and Axton's journey through the whole series makes sense and says exactly what I wanted, and Leander getting batshit hyperfocused on a mission was way fun to write. AND LUCA IS IN THE THIRD BOOK BECAUSE WHATEVER WHY NOT, let's retcon some shit. Book comes out on Valentine's Day.

I haven't really gotten into Bucky Barnes, though I wanted to! Like you, I think I have trouble connecting with fandom in any other format? LJ is just so much more coherent for me. I still haaaate facebook, and I totally lose sight of stuff on tumblr, buried in cat gifs and accounts I just follow for the pretty pictures...

You might like Ello! It's the new(ish) social network, still invite only, the new alleged rival to FB, blah blah. It lets you follow people but you separate them into "friends" and "noise" and those are different tabs, so you can scroll through a meaningful feed of people you care about and THEN switch over to noise. If you want an invite, let me know! I'm trying to get the hang of using it. https://ello.co/spwayne

ANYWAY, WALL OF TEXT, I am good and I seriously miss our comment threads! I WILL LJ ON. i think. unless I end up really liking Ello.

Late reply again! But at least not years late this time! :D I had a really bad cold this last week, so I didn't get anything much done, but I'm mostly better now! And yeah, all that stuff I never followed up with from years ago now - I think I just have to let it go I guess! It seems weirder at this point to reply to a years old comment than just, kind of, leave it I guess. But, damn, I have things like a pretty much finished Batman/Joker/Jokester/Owlman fic that I promised someone as part of a fic exchange in 2009 I think??? And on the one hand, maybe I should just post it, and on the other, I don't know if I can quite deal with rereading it to see if it's actually finished or not, and also I feel weird coming back to LJ suddenly with that??? Also I feel like I should post my old fic up on AO3 except again, that involves rereading it and deciding on what I want saved for posterity, as it were, and aargh! Too hard!

But - anyway. Yeah, my year (well, few years) of terrible was basically getting terrible neck pain that no-one seemed to know how to treat or why it was happening, and spending all my time trying to get answers, and then basically stopping sleeping due to that and just kind of spiraling into sleep-deprived insanity. Unfortunately, this was never actually solved as such, but it has improved a lot - the pain isn't constant now, and I do sleep now - not well, not always, but I do - and I have myotherapy (massage) to help the pain and just take a hell of a lot of painkillers now basically, which isn't ideal, but in the absence of actual answers, I'll take what I can get. So, yeah, I function pretty well with it now, it's not so bad most of the time, and things have improved vastly since my big meltdown about it.

Hmm, what else happened in my life since then? I moved house (the rent went up, uurgh) out to almost the country, which is a pain in terms of commuting, but I have a REALLY nice house with lots of space and views of trees and hills rather than, say, a carpark. There are all these kangaroos out here too! :D And birds, and other wildlife. And spiders, unfortunately, but eh, those are everywhere. :) So that's pretty awesome.

Also I got a cat! Who is, like, the absolute love of my life - his name is Sebastian and he kind of looks like a walking Rorschach test, white with random black splotches. (I was so tempted to call him Rorschach, but the poor thing didn't deserve that.) So he is hilarious and great company and his nemesis is the Riddler, apparently - he keeps jumping up into the bookcase to get at my Batman dolls, and then leaves all of them alone except for the Riddler, who he carefully pulls out of bed and throws on to the floor. I really don't know what to think about that.

Ooh, OMG Winter Wolf - that third one sounds so exciting!!!! I seriously can't wait! And awww, releasing it on Valentine's Day - that is awesome!!! Only a few days to go then - and wow, Luca is in it???? SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I really wish they were available as physical books though, purely so then I could recommend them to people in the bookshop I work at - I mean, who doesn't need more gay werewolves in their lives? No-one, that's who! I would recommend the hell out of those books, let me tell you!!! :D But ah well, I do think it's cool that such a variety of ebooks can be released, because there isn't that cost for publishers choosing which physical book to print - you pretty much don't have to worry about the risk of things not selling, or being too niche, as there's no need for that set-up cost. (Well, unless I am not understanding how these things work - I'm not really privy to how the publishing of books takes place!)

(Hang on, LJ has comment limits??? Okay, fine, posting this in two parts then!)

But - yes, I mean I never did get around to writing a review of the second book, sorry! I did indeed do the first one, so there's that at least. :) OMG, that's right, when the second one came out, I couldn't find the copy you gave me of the first one (probably stuck on the computer that died), so I ended up buying it so I could remind myself of what happened and read it again because have I mentioned how much I loved it? (And also I do love how cheap ebooks are, by the way, it was actually easier to buy it again than work out what I did with the saved copy,because hell, why not?) - BUT ANYWAY, the point of all that was, I never realised you thanked me for being an early reader in the first book, so thank you so much!!!! I've never had a shout-out in a book before, that was awesome!!! I was really touched. So, thanks for that! :D

Hmm, will have to check out Ello! Right now I feel all - uurgh, ANOTHER platform to learn to use, I don't want to! But maybe I should try. Or I could just keep lurking away on here. :) I wonder where everyone else went? Everyone seems to have Twitter now too but I just kind of can't get the point of it. I've been assured it's good when you have friends on there to follow, but it just seems so pointless to me - why the word limit?! You could come back to LJ and say it all! D:

Heh, so that was a giant wall of text right back at you! :D Hope you're having an excellent day and are looking forward to your new book coming out!!! :D

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