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tentacle cute baby baby swish
something something WORDS!

All right, so. The sequel to Winter Wolf goes on sale on Valentine's Day, unless I am truly an absolute fuck up or some other kind of disaster happens.

PLEASE NOTE THAT MY APARTMENT BUILDING BOUGHT CAUGHT ON FIRE AND FLOODED THIS WEEK, so I feel a need to disclaim, just in case biblical plagues start happening all up in this bitch.

So, in my grand writerly tradition of hustling some reviews ahead of time so that the book gets some feedback promptly upon going live and people actually buy the damn thing--

I will have, in about two hours, an MS word document that I will send out to interested parties.

It's SEXY. it's long. THERE ARE FIGHT SCENES. there is so much sex. there is tons of world building and character character character development. It is, in essence, still sort of a jock/nerd romance, except that the shy nerdy dude is a smoking hot subby werewolf who may have some self esteem issues.

and, okay, the hot jock is actually a brilliant tactician and a martial artist, but he puts a lot of work into that hot muscle jock appeal, okay?

set in the wilderness of Montana and also East LA.

this book actually has a villain.

i love this villain/antagonist. lovel

so far everyone who has read this hates the antagonist, but in that delicious, delicious way that the readership is supposed to hate the person who gives our heroes a hard time.

zombieboyband@gmail.com or comment here--anon is allowed. comments screened in case you don't want everyone to know you're a gay werewolf fancier, though why you'd want to hide such a thing is beyond me.



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