tentacle cute baby baby swish

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BATMAN and also other things
tentacle cute baby baby swish
you guys, I really don't want to be the kind of person who only posts to lj to promote her shit, but each time I try to do something fannish something stupid happens and ANYWAY, this shit is kind of fannish.

xoJane published my article on BATMAN, martial arts, rejecting the word tomboy, being a chick who punches stuff, and loving your body. It's a little about a lot of different things, but it is very much about ME, and, yeah, very much about Batman.


I've written about this here before, in a less me-centered way--like when I was flipping out about MMA fighter Gina Carano getting her own movie where she beats up Fassbender, remember that? No? You can read it again, because I am fucking telling you, WE ARE HEADED FOR A CULTURAL SHIFT in regards to women's bodies. It's slow as hell and will be problematic in different ways, but it is haaaappening and oh my god I'm so excited.


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