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how YOU doin'?
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hey you guys remember when I used livejournal


There's still not another social network that FULFILLS me like LJ, all right.

So much shit has happened to me in the past year alone that I'm not even going to pretend to address it. I'm here because I'm wondering who's still active here, and because I am fangasming over Hannibal TV all over again. It feels so good to be so excited. Also, I finished my third book. Word.




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Nah, it's actually called w wolf 2: electric boogaloo City Wolf. Because LA, you see.

The cover is by the amazing poto_heart, so clearly it is QUALITY. I may have stolen that joke from his tumblr. I don't even know anymore. I think I did, though.

What I want to say, in summary, on amazon and goodreads, but I cannot, is this:


If I don't get hatemail in the next 48 hours about someone in this book, I will have failed as a writer.

Reflections on adhd meds, or: ADULTHOOD IN PILL FORM!
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So I've been on ADHD meds for a week. I'm not sure how much I updated about this on here, but about a year and a half ago an eating disorder relapse landed me on a shrink's couch. This happens sometimes. I went in for anorexia relapse but brought up the possibility of ADHD, so I walked out with an attention deficient diagnosis. This is rarer in females, especially the hyperactive/impulsive type, which is what I was diagnosed as. I would say I'm really a combined inattentive/impulsive type, but treatment doesn't really differ, so--semantics.

I was thrilled. Holy BALLS, you mean I might not actually be an inherent irresponsible fuck up? AWESOME. Like, is this why I cry hysterically when faced with a pile of clean laundry? This is why normal household tasks are completely overwhelming, so my apartment looks like a meth den? This is why I'm terrible at directions, cannot fucking function if I'm bored? And why I'm loud and twitchy and have really lowered inhibitions from a starting point of zero alcoholic beverages? AWESOME.

ADHD is typically treated with stimulants.

Guess what your psych doc really, really doesn't want to give you if you have an eating disorder history?

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My apartment is the cleanest it's been in at least two fucking years. I can do things for five, six hours straight instead of 20 minutes max. Suddenly things that never made sense before click into place: use the scrubby wand, not the sponge, to clean the jar! Instead of being totally flummoxed by this and giving up. It occurs to me that if I want to clean at night and there is not enough light, I can move the lamp in the bedroom instead of trying to declutter in the dark and stub my toes on things and ultimately cry about how horrible it is.

I can write to-do lists in some semblance of order and for the first time in months I see the empty cardboard box that's meant to be trash that's been sitting on my counter gathering dust, that I just haven't SEEN. I can take it down and throw it away.

I can write in long stretches but also stop, focused but not hyperfocused. I can do things in a logical order, like take my clothes off at the hamper instead of at the edge of the tub, where they get wet.

But oh, people. People have gotten harder. Before I was famous for being able to talk to anyone, IRL, at any time, and gaze at them and make them feel wanted and listened to. And I loved people, all people, and their stories about their lives, and everyone told me how attentive I was.

Yeah, no. You know what I've been doing for years? Mostly only listening to every third word while I directed smutty action movies in my head. That was more than enough to put together what people were saying and answer accordingly--insightfully, even, and warmly. Now when I'm listening to people talk I'm actually listening to them talk and not fucking off behind my eyes and most people talk kind of slow and mostly I know how these stories must logically end so I'm, uh.


It's like I took these magical adult pills that let me clean house and meet deadlines, but suddenly I understand what the hyper intelligent cynics of my life have always said about how they don't want to be friends with most people because most people are dull.

It's weird.

I'm hoping this evens out--I mean, it's only been a week, and I've loved talking to random people for my entire fucking life, so I think it'll work out.

But man.

Doing shit in normal person order is weird.

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something something WORDS!

All right, so. The sequel to Winter Wolf goes on sale on Valentine's Day, unless I am truly an absolute fuck up or some other kind of disaster happens.

PLEASE NOTE THAT MY APARTMENT BUILDING BOUGHT CAUGHT ON FIRE AND FLOODED THIS WEEK, so I feel a need to disclaim, just in case biblical plagues start happening all up in this bitch.

So, in my grand writerly tradition of hustling some reviews ahead of time so that the book gets some feedback promptly upon going live and people actually buy the damn thing--

I will have, in about two hours, an MS word document that I will send out to interested parties.

It's SEXY. it's long. THERE ARE FIGHT SCENES. there is so much sex. there is tons of world building and character character character development. It is, in essence, still sort of a jock/nerd romance, except that the shy nerdy dude is a smoking hot subby werewolf who may have some self esteem issues.

and, okay, the hot jock is actually a brilliant tactician and a martial artist, but he puts a lot of work into that hot muscle jock appeal, okay?

set in the wilderness of Montana and also East LA.

this book actually has a villain.

i love this villain/antagonist. lovel

so far everyone who has read this hates the antagonist, but in that delicious, delicious way that the readership is supposed to hate the person who gives our heroes a hard time.

zombieboyband@gmail.com or comment here--anon is allowed. comments screened in case you don't want everyone to know you're a gay werewolf fancier, though why you'd want to hide such a thing is beyond me.


i should be doing something useful with my life
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ereader test
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fic: they made it for me
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It's FANFICTION and it's FRIDAY and I actually have something for you! FIC FRIDAY, fuck yeah.

All right.

This was, like I've mentioned, for the Hannibal Exchange. I don't even know what happened there. There was, loosely,

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but honestly, you don't need to know that and I considered not even putting it in because WHATEVER. So, without further ado:

They made it for me
Alana/Will, Hannibal/Will
NC 17
Warnings: Verbal descriptions of murder and gore, canon typical power imbalances, biting, blood, canon typical manipulation. Asexuality sort of kind of not really.
Word count: 8874
Summary: Alana wants Will. Will wants to want Alana. Will does not want to understand serial killers any more vividly than he already does. Hannibal has some suggestions.

"I feel there is a high likelihood that you have not been entirely honest with me about your night terrors," Hannibal adds. "The true extent and depth of them."

"Ding ding," Will says, unblinking and despairing.

"Would you say that your dreams when you are in the place of your killers have a sexual component?" Hannibal asks.

They made it for meCollapse )

Originally posted here, and those three people who left comments are my favorites of the week.

Also here on Ao3.

happy technologies
GUYS, YOU REMEMBER HOW I DID THE HANNIBAL EXCHANGE AND I WAS ALL ON TIME AND SHIT AND READY TO POST? And then something stupid happened and we weren't allowed to post or whatever because the community is a fucking debacle? Seriously, we still haven't been cleared to post. so FUCK THAT SHIT, we gonna break some rules up in here tonight.

fic goes live in like an hour.

this message brought to you by how I'm not editing my actual novel sequel that will make me actual money.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, or something.
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So I turned 27! On January 1! things happened!

A lot of good things. A few bad things. I will try to update on my life when I'm not completely fucking enraged. Haha, no, not internet capslock funny faux enraged. Enraged. Straight enraged. Don't even attempt to talk to me about it unless you want walls of text.

But whatever! to the new year! to making buckets of money via art!

Really, my birthday sucked dick. We are accepting belated congrats and thought gifts (or, you know, actual gifts for those of you who like amazon wishlists) because...because yeah. Anyway.

I watched a bunch of movies. One of them was the new Hobbit movie. Sulky Teenage Legolas™ was way more fun than Standard Legolas™. His color scheme here is way better and more alien--blonde hair now white, eyes an unearthly blue, skin unnaturally pale. His outfit is darker, too, and his voice is WAY lower and, uh, way more manly? And really, Angry Manly Legolas™ is actually pretty attractive? While Standard Legolas™ comes across as a poncy blonde douchebag to me? And I just want to punch him in face, like, not in a sexy way? But Brooding Scowling Legolas™ I'd get into an erotic fistfight with. I mean, I'd lose, but...I would still be winning, you see.

I am known for hating elves and I've run whole dungeons&dragons characters on this prejudice, but hot damn do I love elves done properly, all alien and weird and superior. Usually, "elves are better than you" is an informed attribute, and we're supposed to just accept that elves are somehow magically great when they seem like wusses in shitty green tights. In The Desolation of Smaug, though, elves actually just are better than you. You see them be better than everyone. Legolas can shoot you with his bow when you're standing like a foot away from him, because WHATEVER, elves are great. He superman punches an orc? Why?? BECAUSE ELVES ARE GREAT, THAT'S WHY.

But was Legolas the best elf?

No. Not nearly.

Who was the best elf?

THIS BITCH. Legolas's dad. King Thranduil. KING BADASS, AM I RIGHT?

Like his movement is all sinuous and oddly graceful--like a snake or a mongoose or something else that can fuck your shit up, not like a delicate beautiful bird or whatever. And he's haaaauughty. And he looks down on Thorin (I LOVE MOVIE THORIN) but also, like, patronizes his own son and he's just elegant and alien and weeeeiiird and it's great.

(My favorite movie Elven royalty, though, is Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2. It's just that Hellboy 2 is, in my opinion, a horrible fucking film.)

Anyway, like. Bring on the Thranduil porn, is what I'm saying. Also, the bizarre crossover where him and Hannibal as played by Mads Mikkelsen somehow hang out, being all graceful deadly and beyond conventional morality together.

BATMAN and also other things
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you guys, I really don't want to be the kind of person who only posts to lj to promote her shit, but each time I try to do something fannish something stupid happens and ANYWAY, this shit is kind of fannish.

xoJane published my article on BATMAN, martial arts, rejecting the word tomboy, being a chick who punches stuff, and loving your body. It's a little about a lot of different things, but it is very much about ME, and, yeah, very much about Batman.


I've written about this here before, in a less me-centered way--like when I was flipping out about MMA fighter Gina Carano getting her own movie where she beats up Fassbender, remember that? No? You can read it again, because I am fucking telling you, WE ARE HEADED FOR A CULTURAL SHIFT in regards to women's bodies. It's slow as hell and will be problematic in different ways, but it is haaaappening and oh my god I'm so excited.


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